Monday, 21 February 2011

Where has February gone?

Its just flown by and I don't really know where it's gone!!  This is just a quick update as I haven't got any photos to post at the moment.

Wonderful Husband has given the nursery a lick of paint so it is all lovely and fresh.  All of the old furniture has been removed and one piece of new furniture is in there already!  So now all I need to do it order the wall stickers, paint the woodwork and clean the carpet and it will be like a lovely blank canvas ready to be filled.

I am also going to have to pull my finger out and finish Flopsy.  I think I have been putting her off because it's the tricky bit to do next, assembling all the components (remember I am not a finisher?)  Hopefully I will get her finished and posted in the next few days so watch this space.

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