Friday, 21 January 2011

Chime Owl Pattern

Here is a little soft toy I made out of some left over fabric from making the mobile. I wanted to make him a bit interactive so I added some texture into his wings by inserting foil in one side and cellophane (from the package the bells came in) on the other and some chime bells into his body.   The cellophane definitely works the best as its more crackly.  He will be tied to the side of the cot (when we eventually get one!)

Chime Owl

He was quite easy to make and as I had already made the pattern in Illustrator I thought I'd create a instruction pattern to follow in case anyone else wanted to make him.   It is down loadable from here: Chime Owl Pattern  I am thinking of making a mini version to go on the pram so will post that pattern too.

I'd really appreciate any feed back on how clear this pattern is to follow and any mistakes or improvement you think I could make.

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