Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Oh the Shame!

As I said the point of me doing this was to document the hopefully wonderful transformation of my office into the nest that by little bean will grow to love.  So first things first, off I merrily trotted to photograph this office.  It really is amazing what you can put up with when you are used to it, bearing in mind that most of this crap is behind me when I am working on the computer.  It is a tip, there are no excuses, its an absolute bin and for some reason I hadn't quite recognised that until I saw it shrunken down onto a digital camera screen.  So with much trepidation I am going to show you exactly what I am dealing with.

This shelf will stay but the contents needs to go.

Oh dear lord.  This is where the cot will go.

And here will be the chest of drawers/changing table.
I promise you the rest of my house is not this untidy (most of the time) but these photos have put me to shame and I have made a start since my first post this morning. I have sorted through the paperwork on the desk and started on the shelves.  I need more storage.  I suspect this might take longer than I originally thought!

I have always been a bit of a hoarder (no really?) and I hate to throw anything away that might useful.  So I am hoping to recycle and freecycle a lot of this stuff but the ecological part of me is fighting an instinct to hire a skip and just bin it all!  That is most unlike me, I guess this must the the nesting instinct in full effect.

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