Thursday, 13 January 2011


Its funny how inspiration works.  I'd been noodling over the colour scheme for the nursery for a while.  I wanted something none gender specific and definitely not pastels.  It's actually a bit disturbing how hard it is to find things that aren't pastel pink or baby blue unless you are going to spend a fortune.  Anyway I digress... I also knew I wanted to keep the walls and probably the furniture white, (the room is quite small and has been painted fairly recently) and accent it with something bright.    And I wanted to make a mobile to hang over the cot, probably with crocheted birds, and while looking for inspiration I found this lovely website from the US. with a free pattern to make this mobile:

So I changed tack regarding the crochet as all the patterns I could find were a little too chunky for a mobile and had a root through my swatches of fabric until I came across these two:

I love how the chocolate colour complements the bright turquoise and lime green and that the spots on the brown fabric are muted versions of them.  Bingo, these were my colours and the addition of the chocolate meant that if I needed to go neutral instead of bright for bedding etc, it would still work.

So I went to my favourite fabric shop and picked out a few more lengths to go with them,

then set to work.  These little fellas are actually pretty easy to make, the tricky part is folding and stitching the tail end,  I think I may have made my life slightly more difficult by printing the PDF in portrait so they are smaller than intended but I think that just makes them cuter.

So four down and about six more to go!  I just hope I can get the mobile to balance properly.

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