Sunday, 16 January 2011

Slight change of plan (sure to be the first of many!)

There I was trying to be practical and reuse the things we have by keeping the (currently over loaded) wooden shelving unit in the corner.  Then The Other Half sent me a link to this bookcase in the Mark and Spencers Sale with 60% off and the temptation was just too much.

House bookcase

So what if I am going to have about a quarter of the storage space I would have had?  This is going to be much more beautiful and take up far less of the space which is at a premium in this room (see there where some practical considerations!)  The old shelf will go in the roof so we can get that organised and I am going to have to rethink where I keep some of my craft things.

Also as it is being delivered the 2nd week of February it gives me a junk clearing dead line to work towards.


  1. Came across your blog (via mn!) and wanted to say well done- it looks great so far! These shelves are fantastic. A friend made the spool birds on a long string of beads for my baby when he was born and they are beautiful. Keep up the blogging!

  2. Thanks very much Cold Comfort! Love yours too, I wish I had the patience for quilting. Maybe one day I might tackle it but having run out of steam with a granny square crochet blanket already, I will have to discipline myself to finish that first.