Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Elusive Flopsy - Stage 1

Flopsy is taking a little longer than I expected,mainly because I am trying a few things out for the first time. I am basing her on a pattern from Esprit Cabane called Fabric Remnant Mouse but have modified the pattern quite a bit. Particularly pleased with how the head turned out as I wanted fatter cheeks and a wider nose and bunny ears not mouse ones obviously!

I am also modifying the body and legs quite a bit so its going to take longer than I had thought but at least will produce an almost original pattern that I am happy with. Having a redo on the legs as I'm not happy with the ones I made last night.

As for the nursery, I am typing this from my new 'office' set up downstairs so we are getting there! Getting rid of the desk will be a milestone and I also have loads of packing and sorting to do still which I am setting myself up to do tomorrow.  Now it's there in black and white I have to do it although I am so tempted just to work on Flopsy instead.

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